Three Tips to Prepare for the Life-changing Effect of Your First Child

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First-time parents know that having a child will be life-changing; it’s something they anticipate, but the scale of change can be so dramatic that many parents are nonetheless caught unprepared. Raising a child influences every aspect of daily living and is a life-long task – even couples in Townsville who end up consulting divorce lawyers will still be supporting their children in the years to come. The specific challenges you face will vary, but looking out and being prepared for these particular aspects will be a great help.

Time management

Some babies turn out fussier than others; you’re as likely to encounter parents who’ve been kept up all night by their newborn as those who report that their child does, in fact, sleep like a baby. Yet no matter where your baby will land on the spectrum of calm to implacable, attending to their needs will require a significant shift in priorities. If you thought you were busy before, juggling work responsibilities, domestic tasks, and social commitments, being a working parent takes the challenge to the next level. Practice ways to improve your time management. Rid yourself of the procrastination tendency and get things done immediately if they can be accomplished quickly. Look for a good baby backpack so you can carry out many tasks while keeping baby next to you. And make a habit of pacing yourself throughout the day; conserve energy, and watch your sleeping hours. Remember, mistakes and poor productivity will ensue when you lack sleep or feel fatigued.


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Even as a parent anticipates their first child, they are already getting a taste of how the baby will shape their decision-making. It doesn’t end with acquiring the first necessities – a crib, car seat, stroller, diapers, and so on – the preparations are only beginning. Moving forward, every time you consider going out or preparing meals will require careful planning and budget management. Even before your baby is born, get into the habit of creating, updating, and consolidating lists of everything you need. Instead of saving up money for personal indulgences or rewards, you’ll be setting those funds aside for baby’s needs. Go over each month’s budget and identify areas where expenses can be trimmed; create weekly meal plans and dedicate your weekends to prep work and cleaning the house. From the small-scale choices to major decisions, your child’s well-being will factor into everything; it’s never too early to start planning and organizing.

Social activity

If you know any friends who suddenly disappeared from your life after having a baby, then you’ll have some idea of what to expect once your newborn comes onto the scene. No parent would ever consider replacing baby time with social activities, and friends would certainly be considerate of the situation; but it’s not impossible to maintain a social life when caring for a newborn. Social interactions can help parents deal with increased levels of stress, or emotional ups and downs. Reduced activity is to be expected, but you can incorporate it into your planning so that realistic dates can be arranged for you to meet with friends. Online hangouts using Zoom or similar apps can help you stay in touch without leaving the home.

As you look forward to the arrival of your first child, start practicing these tips to create the habits which will prepare you for a whole new life.

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