How Different Car Accident Injuries Affect Your Personal Injury Compensation

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According to the World Health Organization(WHO), nearly 1.35 million people die each year from road traffic accidents. Those lucky enough to survive such a disaster also have to endure the pain and suffering caused by the injuries sustained from the crash. As a result, there’s no denying that car accidents remain a looming threat to both drivers and passengers on the road, whether due to recklessness or an unsettling mix of circumstances.

However, compensation for injuries sustained in car accidents is never equal. The damages formula varies depending on the insurance adjuster and the terms discussed during the negotiation and in court. And so, to help increase awareness and provide everyone with correct information on their personal injury cases, we will be going over how different car accident injuries affect your compensation and what you can do to increase the value of your claim.

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Soft Tissue Injuries Vs. Hard Injuries

All forms of injuries can be categorized into two types; soft tissue injuries and hard injuries. Soft tissue injuries refer to less serious wounds like simple cuts, bruises, sprains, and other damages to soft tissues that don’t result in any permanent or dangerous disability on the person. At most, these injuries would only require minimal medical attention and a period of bed rest for the victim to recover.

In contrast, hard injuries refer to more serious complications that carry life-threatening risks or even permanent damage that could leave the victim with a lasting disability. These injuries will almost always require immediate medical attention and can carry far more expensive medical bills for treatment. And the claim value for both types of injuries is subject to (1)severity, (2)amount of medical treatment necessary, and (3)strong evidence to back the claim.

  • Severity Of Injury Results In More Compensation: In terms of severity, soft tissue injuries often get assigned far less value by insurance companies because damages are less serious when compared to their hard injury counterpart. Likewise, those that sustain more severe complications that put a threat on their life and render them incapable of leading a normal life will always get assigned a higher claim value for their personal injury case.
  • Thorough Documentation Of Medical Treatment: Another factor that can directly affect the claim value of your case is thorough documentation of medical treatment received. In fact, even a soft tissue injury can be assigned a much more expensive value if the medical diagnosis, treatment, and bills assert that damages were far more detrimental than originally discerned. And the same principle works on hard injuries; thorough documentation will help justify the need for a higher personal injury claim.
  • Photos, Testimonies, And Stong Evidence: Being in possession of strong evidence to support your personal injury claim is another aspect that many people tend to overlook. For example, having scenes of the crash, the on-site police report, and testimonies from witnesses will help bolster your claim and paint a more accurate depiction of the accident than words can describe. As a result, you will be guaranteed a final settlement closer to your originally proposed claim.

However, Some Injuries Leave Long-Term Pain

In some personal injury cases, the injury sustained leaves long-term pain and complications that can’t be immediately determined at initial medical attention. Therefore, these types of injuries are also assigned a much higher settlement claim because of the nature of the injury itself. As a result, it’s important to know when you’ve experienced these types of injuries because an oversight can mean you receive far less than what you deserve.

  • Future Arthritic Problems: Injuries related to the joints are sometimes the most misleading soft tissue injury cases. While the initial treatment can often solve the brunt of the pain, it doesn’t account for future arthritic problems. However, doctors do not often mention these in the medical records, and, as a result, that factor of your injury is not accounted for in the settlement value.
  • Direct Injuries To The Head: Although any head injury is deemed dangerous and life-threatening, what sets them apart from traditional hard injuries is how pain and certain symptoms can still be felt even years after alleged recovery. Direct injuries to the head can also lead to further complications that are often masked by the feeling of getting better.
  • Abnormalities In The Spine: Any movement or sudden impact on the spine that leads to abnormalities is always dangerous because it could lead to partial or complete loss of muscle function and forcing the victim to become dependent. The extent of medical expenses for these cases also outweighs the typical medical bills, meaning that settlement claims are almost always assigned at the full amount.

Always Seek Professional Legal Assistance

In conclusion, navigating personal injury cases involved in car accidents is difficult to process because of different injuries. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you seek a professional tort lawyer to ensure that you’re guaranteed the appropriate amount of compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve had to endure.

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