Provisions a Separated or Divorced Parent Should Know

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Many people are now familiar with divorce and its effects on people’s lives. It’s both a tragedy and a saving grace for some. Because of it, many people have been saved from abusive households and got out of life-threatening situations.

But the ones who are going to be affected aren’t only the ex-partners but also the children. They are caught in between something that they didn’t anticipate, and due to the separation, they now only have one parent to support them. Fortunately, the law has given some provisions to help single parents get back on their feet and claim support from their former spouse. Here are some examples.


The most common legal battle after the divorce itself is the custody battle. It determines where the children will stay. The first thing you should consider when faced with this kind of problem is to hire one of the many lawyers in London who are experienced and specialize in family law.

They can help you in familiarising yourself with courtroom jargon and terminologies if you find them confusing. You can ask friends and family to testify in your favour, which is valuable if you want to gain the advantage. However, the goal is about the child’s best interest. This means that the judge will still favour the side in which the child would benefit the most financially and emotionally.

Financial Support

Coping financially is the challenge that many single parents face due to being alone in raising their kids and fulfilling their needs. There are many ways in which they can gain financial support, mainly from government agencies. They can apply for grants that let them earn benefits and allow them to work from home to have more time with their children. Children can then receive scholarships from said grants. If the former partner is still alive, they’re liable to support the children financially.


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Owning a property is ideal for a family, but that’s not to say that doing so is easy. The task of repaying your debt can be more daunting if you’re a single parent who recently went through a long and tedious process of divorce. Such an event takes a lot from you emotionally and, of course, financially. Though it may sound challenging, there are some ways for you to gain a bit of help when it comes to your mortgage. Single parents can claim assistance from the government for paying off the interest. However, even if you’re approved for it, it would be up to you to repay the capital.

Through all these, it’s also essential to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Earning these rights doesn’t happen overnight, and you will go through these processes for a while until the final decision is made. Understandably, you may feel tired and stressed, so you should also find a hobby as a release for your emotions or get in contact with people to talk to and vent. Also, remember¬†always to keep your health in check throughout the entire experience.

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