How to Handle Workplace Disputes Adequately

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A conflict that is related to money will most-likely inflicting emotional reactions. It is often becoming the reason for a conflict of interest and leading to a hostile relationship.

Unfortunately, the workplace is where these disputes have mostly happened. The feeling of taken for granted, the lack of respect, or the lack of appreciation will make the situation worse. With their minds clouded with emotions, they won’t be able to think clearly of the solutions.

The worse part is workplace disputes may cause many complications. It is not only affecting the performance of the employees in their workplace. The workplace disputes also causing an impact on the private life of the employees.

If the employees (or the employer) couldn’t withstand their overflowing anger, it may cause harm to everyone around them.

Therefore, managing conflict in the workplace is an essential skill for everyone. Although, the one who should master this skill is the leader. Here are the mistakes of dispute resolutions and how to handle them.

Mistakes in Every Dispute

Even though conflict management is an essential skill for everyone in the workplace, one should not expect all employees to master this skill. People’s ability to manage their actions and their emotions are different.

Conflict management skill requires a deep understanding of a situation and an ability to read the atmosphere. It also requires someone to be able to look at the problem from different perspectives. Thus, the one who must have this skill is the leader (it can be the employer, the HR, the manager, or the supervisor).

The challenge is to keep a clear mind when the conflict happened. The leaders can master the skill, but if their emotions (and mostly, pride and ego) take over their minds, these mistakes will happen.

Wrongful Termination

Mistakes are unavoidable. Everyone makes mistakes, and some of them might seem stupid or too careless. And publicly scolding the employee often happens in any workplace.

It might create an uncomfortable atmosphere in the workplace and causing someone to lose their self-confidence.

The event of public scolding can lead to many scenarios as well. Some employee might keep their lips shut while the employer was scolding them, but some other employees might not. It is someone’s nature to defend themselves in front of (what might consider as) workplace shaming.

If the dispute is uncontrolled, the conflict might escalate and make the situation worse. The employer, who is holding the higher authority, might emotionally make a wrongful termination.

It violates the employee’s right. If both parties failed to solve the disputes, they might need to involve a lawyer. It takes too much time and effort. This kind of dispute also costs a lot.

Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

The harassment can be the side effect of workplace disputes between the employees or between the employee and their employers. It is because someone’s anger and emotion will bring the worse version of themselves. It often happens if they are in the middle of an argument.

There are various forms of workplace harassment and discrimination. Mostly, the harassment is taking the form of verbal harassment.

For example, blame on someone’s gender or race for a mistake. Among the employees, it will create a discriminative atmosphere and workplace bully. The affected employee will struggle to survive in an unpleasant work environment.

The worse scenario is if it involves the employer (or the one with higher authorities). They can limit the opportunities given to the discriminated employee. Thus, jeopardizing their careers and well-being.

This action is violating Basic Employee Rights where it stated that everyone has the right to obtain equal pay for equal work without any discrimination.

Discrimination is a source of workplace disputes. As the Basic Employee Rights protect this issue, the affected worker can bring this issue to the law professional.

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Handling Workplace Disputes

There are a lot of ways to solve disputes, even though after it escalated.

The escalation might lead to a stalemate or a deadlock. It is a state when none of each party will gain benefit from the disputes. They often notice this state after both of them calmed down.

With clearer minds, they can settle the dispute adequately.

Private Conversation

This solution is functional if the dispute doesn’t involve a conflict of interests. Conducting a private conversation will make each party feeling secured to let out their thoughts.

Avoiding offensive questions in a private conversation is very important. It is to prevent the upcoming conflict or defensive attitude.

Ask The Third Party

In some disputes, they need a third party to solve the conflict. It often happens if it involves a conflict of interests or if it requires professional help.

Wrongful termination or workplace discrimination might occur because of a workplace dispute. It is hard to solve without professional help because it violates the laws.

Therefore, they will need employment law mediation services to solve the issue. The third-party will help you to negotiate and reach a settlement peacefully.

Maintaining a healthy work environment requires everyone’s participation. Both the employee and the employer should notice if something is wrong. The safest way to solve the dispute is by handling them with a clear head.

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