Delaware Law Office
of Larry D. Sullivan, Esquire


My firm handles a variety of kinds of cases. My clients and I decide on a case-by-case basis which case I will take, and what our goals are for that case.

Corporate Law generally concerns the creation and operation of Corporations and other artificial entities, such as Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, etc.

Delaware is frequently referred to as the "Corporate Capital of the World" because it is the premier location for forming good business structures. Delaware has designed a set of laws that work hand in hand with Delaware's Court of Chancery to provide a secure and predictable business environment.

Estate Law involves the process whereby we distribute a person's property once that person dies. Whether there is a Last Will and Testament or not, the law has a mechanism for determining the new owner.

Wills and Trusts are some of the documents that people use to pre-plan the distribution of their property, either through the estate or around it.

Criminal Law includes all of the sorts of troubles we might find ourselves in which can result in being arrested by the police, even traffic tickets.  As a former Judge of Newark Alderman Court, Mr. Sullivan is available to represent clients who are now coming before that Court.

Arbitration and Mediation are two popular methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). The purpose of ADR is to resolve the matter without having to go to trial in a courtroom setting. ADR is hailed as being quicker and less expensive than full blown litigation.

The Delaware Supreme Court requires the following disclaimer: Listing of areas of practice does not represent official certification as a specialist in those areas.

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