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The Right Attorney

Finding the right attorney for a particular case is not always an easy task for the layperson. For example, what may seem like a contract case actually may be a tort case, a malpractice case, or a blend of issues from a number of areas of law.

One of the surest ways to find the right attorney is to consult a nearby general practitioner.

If that attorney cannot represent the client, he or she can usually refer the client to an attorney who can.

Some Sources for finding an Attorney

The Delaware State Bar Association offers an attorney referral service at (302) 658-5278, or toll free at (800) 773-0606. There is a $35.00 fee for this referral service, which is collected by the attorney at the first meeting, and covers the cost of that initial consultation.

The yellow pages are another source for attorney's names and locations. The attorneys listed in these and other services provide, to varying extents, background information about firms and attorneys. Background information may include information about an attorney's professional history and practice areas.

Consulting lists or visiting a general-practice attorney are both good ways to narrow the field of potential attorneys.

Attorneys also advertise their services, and they invariably identify the areas of law in which they practice.

A prospective client also may wish to consult friends and relatives for referrals.

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