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Legal Information

A client simply may need basic information about a particular law or an area of law.

Basic legal information may be found in pamphlets and booklets distributed by state bar associations.

Law schools occasionally offer legal services, and law libraries typically have ample legal information for the public.

A layperson may be able to find answers to simple questions in a law library, but researching a complex issue, or the law on an entire case, is best left to the expertise of a professional.

Legal information as opposed to legal advice

Some lawyers may give small amounts of information without charge.

Information is different from advice. Advice is legal information given to a person along with a recommended course of action.

When an attorney gives legal advice, the attorney may be liable for malpractice if the advice is erroneous.

Attorneys are hesitant to give legal advice, and expose themselves to liability, without charging a fee.

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