Delaware Law Office
of Larry D. Sullivan, Esquire

International Clients

International legal representation on Delaware matters can be initiated, and many matters can be conducted by the use of telephone consultations and email conversations.

The growth of the internet into an accepted means of communication, business, and research has enabled this Delaware law office to be able to serve international, national, and local clients with efficiency and effectiveness. Because of the web, regular contacts, correspondence, and clientele in the international community has become a reality.

The majority of this office's international clients seek assistance with issues involving:

  • business planning,
  • corporate formation,
  • other legal business structures such as limited liability companies,
  • and business trusts.

Many current international clients of this firm make their homes in Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Great Britain, and other places around the globe.

Other legal services which may be attractive and economical to the international client include:

  • international business transactions,
  • escrow agent services,
  • dispute arbitration,
  • and contract review.

Representation can transcend national borders, and clients from other countries may request and supply information, exchange documents, receive written or telephone consultations, and make payments without leaving their computer.

The information needed by an attorney to conduct this type of consultation and representation is the same as what would be required if the client were to appear at the law office in person.

The client is required to provide background and identification information to the attorney. The attorney is responsible to provide the same level of representation, and he is held to the same ethical and rule-driven standards as if the client were sitting across the table.

The rules which govern attorneys set strict conflict of interest procedures. Attorneys are not permitted to represent (provide legal advice to) persons which would pose a conflict of interest with a previous client.

As such, a Delaware Attorney must keep accurate and complete listings of his clientele. It is this requirement that effectively forbids attorneys from providing legal advice to anonymous clients.

The costs and time savings for international and interstate clients can easily be so significant by not having to travel to the Delaware Attorney's Office, that it can make the difference between being able to afford and receive legal services, and not receiving services at all.

Even for local clients, and clients with physical disabilities, the use of e-mail and other electronic communications can significantly improve the speed and ease of managing their case.

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