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Things to Consider when Hiring an Attorney

When faced with a legal problem, most people are at a loss as to how to proceed. One initial reaction is to look for an attorney. That instinct is a good one. The law is so complex that effective legal representation is best left to trained professionals.

This section is intended to help you understand some of the ways that attorneys work before you hire one.

No two attorneys are exactly alike. Some focus specifically upon certain areas of practice, and have developed expertise in those areas. Attorneys decide what cases to take based on any number of factors. Many attorneys have a personal preferences for different types of cases. Solo practioners often have general practices where they handle a wide range of types of cases.

Finding the right attorney for a particular case is not always easy. One of the most important factors is finding someone that you feel like you can rely upon. Someone that you trust and can talk to.

There are a number of places where you can look to find an attorney. The Delaware State Bar Association has a referral program. You can also look to advertising, the yellow pages, and guides to legal services which, to varying extents, provide background information about firms and attorneys.

Take a look through this section on Hiring an Attorney for other factors that you should consider.

You may think that certain elements of the attorney-client relationship are more important than others. For people with less money, attorney fees may be a deciding factor. Clients who do not need to consider money as the primary factor may wish to find an attorney who has the best reputation in the particular field of law. Other clients may place a greater emphasis on personal rapport with the attorney.

Still other clients may seek a certain type of attorney based on the nature of the client's desired representation For example, if a client seeks an attorney to take to court a bitterly contested personal injury case, he may seek an aggressive, high-profile attorney who specializes in trial work. If a client needs an attorney to mediate a dispute or to represent her in arbitration, she may seek an attorney who is an adept negotiator.

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