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Chancery Court

One of the differences about Delaware, and its laws that makes a difference is Chancery Court.

Within Delaware's political and legal structure, Chancery Court is Delaware's gem. It is renowned world-wide as the pre-eminent forum for corporate matters. Many matters that involve the management of a corporation's inner workings are within the jurisdiction of Chancery Court.

Chancery Court is a court of equity, as opposed to a court of law. Most states don't separate the types of legal remedies available to litigants into equity and law the way that Delaware does. An equity court is the type that can issue temporary injunctions, and declaratory judgments.

There are several other areas within the jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery, such as guardianships and cases involving the management of trusts.

For more information regarding the origins of the Court of Chancery, see A Short History of the Delaware Court of Chancery--1792-1992 by William T. Quillen & Michael Hanrahan.

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Chancery Court Bench