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There are a number of legal alternatives to an actual jury trial that have been recognized as effective means of solving legal problems.

One method that is has become more popular over the last few years is arbitration.

Arbitration is usually conducted as a miniature and informal trial. Arbitrations are presided over by one or more Arbitrators and can be structured in a variety of ways. Arbitrator decisions can be binding, or non-binding, or some combination of the two. Arbitrations can occur by agreement of the parties, or by Court Order.

In short, Arbitration is a flexibly structured procedural tool to resolve disputes and save the parties the time and expense of litigation.

Attorneys may be picked by the parties to arbitrate a dispute way before the it erupts into litigation. Many business contracts contain arbitration clauses that provide for mandatory arbitration instead of Court trials.

Arbitration is a dramatically less expensive method of resolving these types of disagreements.

Arbitrator as Referee